Buying a home can be an exciting experience, especially if it’s your first time. From looking for a home that fits your lifestyle, figuring out the home financing landscape all while trying to find the right agent to help with the all of the above, the list of things to do can seem a little overwhelming. Using an agent your first time can help cut down on all the stress, because we all need less of that in our lives, and make the process 10x more enjoyable. First time home buying seminars are great for getting all your questions answered and starting that journey to owning your dream home.

Heist Brewery


I had such a great time this past Tuesday with a few fellow brokers at Heist Brewery, chatting with a few first timers about the home buying process. Wheher its your first home or maybe you are looking for your third investment opportunity, Savvy and Company is alway available to answer any questions.

Check out the article in CharlotteFive for answers to some of the frequently asked questions from home buying newbies.